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About Us

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Who We Are

Whether you are traveling by plane for business or for pleasure, a delay always means your plans are disrupted. Unfortunately, airlines generally refuse to pay the legal compensation. The lack of knowledge, expertise and time are passengers’ main reasons for not following a claim through. Our team of international experts is here to assist you – we have the solution to your problem!

We help air passengers worldwide to claim compensation for flights delays, cancellations, denied boarding, or if they missed their connecting flight. Flight Delay Claimers fulfils the need of customers and lawyers by pre-processed legal cases with the help of process management and automation.

Who we are Flight Delay Claimers

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Our vision statement is a more internally-facing “what we want to be” statement. Our vision is:

To provide outstanding flight claim services that deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients every single day!

To have an outstanding reputation in the legal and other professions

Our Mission

Our mission statement is our top level statement of why we exist as a firm.

Our mission is to:

Flight Delay Claimer mission is to develop our service based on integrity, reliability and trust. We will balance safety with choice, control and independence for all our clients that we help. We will be a transparent claim service offering the best claim service in the industry at the most competitive price.

Our Values

Our values illustrate what our clients can expect from us, and what we can expect from ourselves:

Expert: we know the law; we have great know-how.

Excellence: we provide positive solutions for clients.

Trustworthy: our systems protect confidential data.

Caring: we are passionate about our clients’ success.